Dazed and Confused Apparel

In the mixture of individuality, New York style, and creative instinctive, births the urban art meets fashion mens and womens clothing brand, Dazed and Confused Apparel. Known for its bold catchy imagery and infamous owl, The Revelation takes a closer look into the inspiration, style, and goals of the designers.

Who are the faces behind “Dazed and Confused Apparel?”
Dazed and Confused Designer, IanIan: I was born and raised in Guyana, I moved to NYC about five years ago. I’m enrolled in college as an advertising/graphic design major, I started the line earlier this year but things started to get a bit overwhelming so I teamed up with Bernald and that lead us to this point. 

Bernald: Well me and my partner Ian are clearly to different artist/people but as you can see when it comes to fashion our eyes and ideas steer into the same direction. Flatbush born and raised, son of Haitians, so u can tell I have a eye for putting things together (mix match colors) lol. 


Is this brand Brooklyn based?
Ian: I would say the brand is more of a NYC based. We do rep BK a lot, but our mailing address is in Queens where I live.

Bernald: When I work I try to express and rep. every borough in my design. The high classy Manhattan, the tough Bronx, the boring Queens lol (jk), the thotiannas of Staten Island, and the bosses of Brooklyn.

Why the name “Dazed and Confused?”
Ian: I choose the name “dazed and confused” because it’s a little personal to me.  At one point I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, I felt lost without a purpose hence “dazed and confused”.  There are so many other young people out there that feels the same way I did. I think remaining true to yourself or being yourself in a society that’s constantly trying to change who we are is a huge accomplishment – “Dazed and Confused Apparel” is about finding yourself.

Dazed and Confused Apparel LogoBernald: Well Ian came to me with the name, and I ran with it. It was catchy and that’s what inspired me to create the owl logo.

Where did this inspiration come from to start a clothing line?
Ian: “Dazed and Confused Apparel” is one of my passion projects, it started out as one of my final projects for my graphic design class, also my love for art, fashion, and culture. 
Bernald: Growing up I always had an inviting aura. I gained a lot of friends after leaving high school. I wanted a change, didn’t want to enter college being that same guy from high school .I figured, hey I already had the people, I had the ideas, why not! So I started my own project called “Death of Mouse” (you can probably still find it on Facebook), showed Ian my designs back in 2011 and he liked them. I gave up, but it wasn’t till about November 2013 that he came to me about D&C and here I am.
How did you get celebrities like Chris Brown and others to wear your clothing?
Chis Brown in D&C Apparel Ian: I get tons of email everyday from various people (other brands, models, designers, personal shoppers, stylist, etc.) I gave away a lot of samples just so we can get our name out there.
Bernald: Well, for me it was French Montana, I went to his album release party/concert. It was amazing, I didnt go there expecting to show off D&C but luckily I had the space man galaxy tee in my bag. As French was performing I was just waving the tee around. As I was doing that, everyone in VIP was catching eye. People from Def Jam, Coke Boys, you name it. I also want to thank my friend Chery for getting me backstage and actually getting me to them, next thing you know I got numbers from various Coke Boy members and met with them next day for some pieces.

Bernald and French Montana

How would you describe the style of Dazed and Confused?

Ian: Our style is very versatile and diverse.  

Bernald: Like I said I try to bring in all five boroughs into my designs, New York City is where its at at the end if the day! So we wanna be that high classy line but still wanna touch everyone young and old everywhere!

What makes your brand stand out from other urban apparel?
Ian: It’s heavily art based, we have the raw NYC flavor, and we also have the high end luxury clothing – we try to touch everyone of our demographics.
Bernald: Original ideas made from scratch, hand drawn first then digitized. Not hard to copy but easily known as the original. We bring things people want to copy and trust there’s more to come!

What are your ultimate goals for Dazed and Confused Apparel?
Ian: I personally make small goals and try to meet them, when we first launched one of our goals were to have 5k followers on instagram, facebook and twitter so far we have about 30k followers collectively on our social networks. Also, we wanted at least one celebrity in our brand, my next goal is to have a consignment or wholesale deal with a store. However, one of my personal goal is to be featured on karmaloop.com or plndr.com.

Bernald: Get money! Change the world! Get other people to step they’re game up and bring their best to the tables as we do ourselves!

Can we expect more than clothing from your brand?
Ian: Well so far we already made “Dazed and Confused” mugs, soon we’ll will be launching our accessory line. We do have a lot planned for the future we are growing slowly be surely.
Bernald: Yes, of course, its all about expanding. I am looking into making jewelry and even bags, so keep looking out and showing support.
Your clothing has spiritual and space like imagery on it, why those images specifically?
Ian: Well actually we have maybe two or three pieces that has those themes, I draw inspiration from all over. Our supporters seems to gravitate towards those pieces more. Our clothing is actually artwork so people will be wearing one of a kind artwork, there’s Egyptian art, pop art, classical Greek, graffit , etc., we even use some Kente African prints to make our pieces.D&C heritage tank

I say why limit yourself. My ideas come from how I feel. Religion is something everyone has touched upon. Space on the other hand is so vast and there is so much you can do with it. I’m just a really cool trippy vibe nigga. Earthly meditation is a big factor too. D&C
Is there anything you’d like viewers to know?
Ian: We would like to thank everyone whose been supporting us. We have a lot of dope stuff coming, also I’m always willing work with anyone who has the love for the arts or anyone who has a positive attitude. Feel free to hit me or Bernald up. Thanks you.
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