Finding Your Confidence With Lipp Beauty


I’m here for supporting and learning about black businesses, what about you?

A few months ago, I tried a couple of lipsticks from the beauty company previously known as Lipp Beautifully. The founder, Aleah Dorsey, offered a variety of lipsticks that help you become “lipstick fearless.” In addition to their lipsticks, Lipp Beautifully offered custom tubes and even classes that teach you how to make your own lipstick. Cool, right?

Since their mission was to “help the lipstick shy, become lipstick fearless,” I decided to try three shades that I wouldn’t typically try: Sacrifice, Excuse, and Minimum. Here’s what I thought of each:


Sacrifice is a bold red lip color that I absolutely love. Bright reds are not the first color I would typically look for (I’m more of a burgundy girl) but I felt so sexy and confident in this red.


Keeping it completely honest with you, I did not like this color at all. This shade was way too light for me and I wasn’t comfortable AT ALL. I don’t think I picked the right shade of pink, but I was being adventurous when I was shopping for these lipsticks so I’m partially to blame for that. Nevertheless, I will not be wearing this shade again.


Excuse is a light nude color that came in second place to Sacrifice. I previously owned a nude lipstick that I wore occasionally, but I wasn’t in love with it. One thing that I really liked about the lipstick and color is that I can make it as bold or as light as I want it to look. I personally, would pair it with a brown lip liner and go for a lighter coverage, but it’s definitely a keeper.


Overall, here’s what I thought:

  • The scent of the lipsticks are amazing, it smells really sweet and kissable.
  • The prices are pretty reasonable and matches with the current market of lipsticks.
  • It’s matte but it moisturizes your lips. This was a plus!
  • You will need to reapply throughout the day more specifically after eating and cleaning off your mouth with tissues.
  • The colors can be as bold or as subtle as you want it to be, the choice is yours.

As I mentioned before, Lipp Beautifully was the previous name for the brand. They are currently rebranding and relaunching products as Lipp Beauty this Fall. I can’t wait to see what improvements and additions that they have in store. You can head over to their website to sign-up for emails to stay up-to-date or follow them on Instagram at @lippbeauty.


What do you think of the lipsticks? Would you try My Lipp Beauty?