Monthly Skincare Routine: Fighting Breakouts

It’s both very helpful and more logical to implement a monthly skincare system to fight breakouts. My breakouts are usually caused by a number of factors like:

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Stress
  3. Too many sweets
  4. And not enough water

My goal, of course, is to be superwoman ⎯ never slip on my diet and keep the stress low, but things happen. I have a two-product system that helps me clear up all my breakouts within two to three weeks ⎯ thanks to Origins. I use two of their masking products: Out of Trouble and Clear Improvements.

Out of Trouble

Out of Trouble is a semi-thick 10-minute white mask that cleans away dead cells and removes anything blocking your pores like debris, oil, and more. You simply apply the mask to your problem areas or entire face. Then, leave it on for ten minutes and the mask will clear up any current breakouts while fighting other potential breakouts.

Clear Improvements

Clear Improvements cleans out the deep-dwelling pore-cloggers that are hiding in your skin. You can apply this to your entire face or just your problem areas, either way, you’ll have a fresher face without the pulling and tugging, like most charcoal masks.





The best way to remove breakouts is to switch between the two. I recommend using Out of Trouble as a daytime mask and switch to Clear Improvements as a night routine or alternate your days. One night you can mask with Out of Trouble and the next night switch to the other.

Enjoy your beautiful smooth clean skin!


  • Toya

    I love how simple your skincare routine is because I like to keep it simple too. I also just got my first charcoal mask and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. It feels very drying. Have you had a similar experience?

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      I have with other masks but not this one. I rarely have to cover my entire face, I just add the mask to the problem areas.

  • Danielle

    I love the clear improvements Charcoal mask! I used it like twice a week to give me skin a deep cleansing. The Out of Trouble mask, I’m not too familiar with but I’m interested in trying.

  • Ameerah@TheModWoman

    Very simple. I find that when I keep my routine down to a few products I have fewer breakouts. #BLMGirl

  • Courtney PW

    Oouu what stores can I find this in? I’ve been experiencing stress and hormonal breakouts lately, so I will definitely give this product a try!

    • Krissy Lewis (author)


  • Eva

    Well that whole list is me! I have to get my skincare regimen back on track.

  • Sheena Steward

    Thanks for the suggestions. The winter months can be brutal to your skin.

  • Crystal Nicole

    Simple and easy. I love it. I actually received these as samples and still haven’t tried them. Looks like I’ll be doing that soon!

  • Terri

    First of all, you get an A for having such a simple skincare regimen. Secondly, I absolutely love the charcoal mask! I’ve never tried the other one before, but I like the thought of using it as a day time mask.

  • Victoria

    I am going to have to give this a try. My skin has been so horrible lately. I feel so embarrassed being in my late twenties and having acne like a teen.

  • Ola

    Breakouts generally aren’t a problem for me during the winter. Dry skin, however, is a huge problem. I wonder if this line has something available for that.

  • Carissa

    I love facial masks and these seem like they would help when I have that monthly breakout! I’m going to look into these!

  • Mimi Green

    With the extremely cold temps we’ve been having it has forced me to get serious about my skincare.

    I’ve settled into a more consistent routine.

  • Katherine G

    I have been neglecting my skin a lot over the past few years. I am trying to start taking care of it better. I want to get so much more healthier than I am. I love your routine. I definitely want to keep my skincare routine simple.

  • Natasha

    I use Origins A Perfect World for my cleaning and moisturizing and I LOVE IT! I’ll have to check these out to see if they will work with my skin type. I know that I tested the charcoal, and loved it. Might be time to go back.

  • Kita

    My skin is clear. I guess I am lucky but I do need a good daily cleanser so I will check out Origins products.

  • Courtney CJ

    I am SO basic with my skincare routine but I want to incorporate more masks. I really appreciate your suggestions because I know having melanin, some things work a bit differently. I’m going to check and see if amazon has a travel size version of these for me to try out.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Awesome, let me know what you think. You can also head to a Macys or Origins and ask for samples 🙂

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