Off The Shoulder Outfits For The Summer


I love off the shoulder outfits for the summer; you can go for a fun, classy, flirty, or sexy look. The possibilities are endless.

It’s funny to see how far I’ve come with my style. When I was younger I use to detest any clothing with that cut because I didn’t have the proper bra to support the look. Trust me the bigger you are up top is the harder it is to find supportive bras. As I grew older and found the right support (bra) the off-the-shoulder style quickly became one of my summer staples.

I’m typically a “less is best” type of girl when it comes to my summer wardrobe. I want to show as much of my melanated skin as possible and showing a little clavicle is right up my alley.

My first look is this beautiful romper from GUESS. Its earthy green vibes and cool material makes it the perfect spring/summer outfit. I paired it with gold jewelry and a nude Steve Madden opened-toe heel.

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My next look is a peachy pink off-the-shoulder dress by Forever 21. I love this one, too! The material is light and cool, the dress comes with sleeves just to put your arms through, and the color is perfect for the summer. I paired this with the same nude Steve Madden shoes and a pink fishnet sock from Forever21.



And before I go, I want to leave you with a beauty tip the next time you wear an off-the-shoulder piece: highlight that clavicle! I love to add glitter and highlight my clavicle area, such a simple touch can make the biggest difference.


Now shine all Summer ’18 and be great! Thank you for reading. 💕


  • Michaela

    Love these looks! Off-the-shoulder pieces are my favorite for the summer.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Aren’t they cute! Thank you!

  • Daneisha Smith

    You look so pretty in both of these looks! But this green romper looks perfect against your skin girl! And I agree that undergarments can easily make or break an outfit! I guess you live and you learn. Anyway, I’m about to head to the Guess website and see if I can find that romper!!!!

  • Kris

    Off the shoulder is in style these days! Lovely fits

  • Aliya Tann

    I love off the should looks. Super classy and sexy. Especially in this summer heat. Super cute looks!

  • Nikki

    I LOVE an off the shoulder outfit and a blush pink one at that! Girl, you have slayed me and given me so many cute outfit ideas at the same time.

  • Kimberley

    Al these outfits are so cute! Will try get some for myself too!

  • Michelle

    I love this look! It’s cool!! Perfect for trying to beat this summer heat. The rompers are my jam!

  • Kelsey Jenae

    Cute, cute, and cute! I love These outfits. I’m trying to find something similar to take with me on a trip to South America later this year. Thank you for sharing your styles!

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      oooh, have fun. That sounds great. Off the shoulder floral will definitely be perfect!!

  • Stephanie Jnote

    I need these peach sandals. They are too cute. Girl., you are working that green. Love your style.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you! I got it for the low at TJ Maxx

  • Jiselle

    You are so beautiful! I lived in off the shoulder tops this summer. From rompers, to dresses and tops. I like to use my Fenty Beauty Highlighter in trophy wife to highlight my shoulders and collar bones.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you, hun. And see you be knowin’ lol. Thank you for reading!

  • Breanna

    These are awesome fits. I looooove the green romper. And you’re just like me! The older I get, the more freeing I am with what I wear. 💁🏾‍♀️

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you! I guess as we get older we get more comfortable!

  • Patrice

    Ooooouuuuu! My fav outfit is the cream. You look great hunty!

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you!!

  • hadassah

    The peach out with those shoooeess girl yes!!!! I love off the shoulder outfits, def makes you look more sexy. You look great girl

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thanks, babe!

  • Aitza B

    That romper is so cute. Because I have hyperpigmentation, I always make sure to wear extra spf when I my shoulders are out.

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