What People Don’t Tell You About Starting Your Own Brand in 2016

When you’re starting your own business or blog, there’s a lot of basic requirements you must fulfill like creating a name and image for your company. You also have to spread your work, find your market, be prepared to work on your craft everyday, and invest in your work. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it’s possible as long as you’re committed and ready to face the ups and downs that come with it. Many people start a business unaware of the work that goes into it until they’ve started their process and now, find themselves stuck trying to figure out what’s next. You can eliminate some of the frustrations and discouragement that comes with being a young entrepreneur by knowing what to do.

Take a look at the things people don’t tell you about starting your own brand.

Lock In On A Mission

Explore the field you’re in and learn more about yourself. When you gain the knowledge you need, both your passion and mission will become clearer. Ghislaine Leon, founder of Fearless Leon, battled with relaying her vision to the public when she started her blog. “It wasn’t until year three that I had explored different directions. I had to learn more about the digital world needs and myself to get there.” Leon continued, “I couldn’t rush my elevator pitch. I had to actually have experience [and] eventually it came naturally, but it was hard to get support while I didn’t have clarity.”

You’re The Boss And Employee 

An entrepreneur runs and dictates the needs of that particular business. Not only are you the boss but you are the worker too, regardless of how many people are on your team, and it’s a lot of responsibility and most of it will fall on you. Monty Carlo, founder and host of the online radio show, “Big Picture Radio,” creates a platform for independent artist to showcase their music. As Carlo started his business he realized he was responsible for scheduling talent, content of the show, and building a brand. Regardless of how hard it gets he says, “protect your brand and always think out of the box, you’ll be surprised by how many people will be attracted to a new idea.” Other things  to be aware of is neighborhood and economic change.

Be Prepared For Change

Other brilliant-minded creatives are creating other outlets for the public that end up being game changers. This is very crucial to building your brand, many companies like Google and Facebook have move with the times. You also have to be prepared with the change within the people around you, the people you start with may not stick around.

Understand The Law

There are rules to starting your business and how to share it. If you’re aware of all the rules, regulations, and restriction, it will save you a lot of money and troubles in the future. When Monty Carlo built the website and social media he said, “YouTube has very strict guidelines on what shows can upload, whether it be the content of the show or publishing issues with record companies.”

Be Fearless

Starting a business is handwork, it takes dedication, bravery, and a thick skin. You won’t be able to please everybody, Sade, founder of Sade Skincare, urges entrepreneurs to be fearless and uncompromising. “Never let anyones expectation of you steer you in a different direction. You have a goal and you stick to it, thus when you stay on that goal things will come to you to help you.”  Don’t let anything discourage you, you have to believe in your brand and don’t let anything break you.