You Don’t Need To Know My Layers To Know Me

I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented Bianca Cecil and honestly, I was blown away by two things: her ability to capture different sides of me and her creativity behind the lens.

We began the shoot with a simple introduction and exchange of passions. We discussed what we were working on and where we planned on going in our personal and professional lives. My focus was to shed all insecurities and be unapologetically me. I was and still am on a journey of loving every layer of myself, but I concluded this is a journey best done alone.

Photo cred: Bianca Cecil

It’s great to open up to people, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a limit. I needed a space that was solely for me – to freely express who I am and what I’m feeling. If you let people into a place that’s not designed for them – especially the wrong people – it throws off the balance and interrupts how sacred this place actually is.

Everyone isn’t prepared to embrace every layer of you and that’s okay. I’m not necessarily in the market to expose myself either. I don’t equate exposing layers of myself with allowing a person to get to know me. That might have been the dumbest thing you’ve ever read, but let me explain. I don’t need to be extremely vulnerable and put all my insecurities on the table for you to understand who I am. Things like your past experiences, insecurities, and your attitude don’t necessarily define who you are, but your goals, beliefs, values, lessons, and intentions do. You don’t need to know every single detail about a person to support them, love them, or care for them. Your layers don’t affect what you have to offer nor what you’re able to build. When I met Bianca, she didn’t need to pull back any layers in order to capture who I was and this is what she concluded:

“I saw someone who was, vibrant. A beautiful radiant energy. Someone who is able to captivate you just with locking eyes. A woman that makes you feel like you have known her all your life, an old time friend. She is strong, independent and fiercely passionate. She knows what she wants and works hard to obtain it. She pushes her limits in society and shakes up the status quo. No one can box her in because she does not conform to be a part of society.  She aspires to inspire and that is something I can value from her. She is a leader with a charm that can influence a crowd. Her exuberant confidence lures you, it captivates, and makes you question, “How can I be a better me based off of this beautiful human being?” She is a MODERN WOMAN with an OLD SOUL.”

Photo cred: Bianca Cecil

I felt it was necessary to share Bianca’s views not only because I agree wholeheartedly, but because you should be enough for the people you meet in life. The constant need to convince someone else is mentally and emotionally draining. The constant urge to open up, explain, and expose yourself to someone is not necessary. Those who get it will get you!

So again, you don’t need to expose all of your layers! You have the right to draw the line on how much say people have in your life. You have the right to draw the line on how much people know about your life. You have the right to take on your problems when YOU are ready. We all battle with things and those problems can’t always be solved by your boyfriend, husband, mom, or dad. Sometimes it just takes time, space, and a conversation with yourself.

Protect your energy, sis. 

Photo cred: Bianca Cecil