Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018: Here’s What 2017 Taught Me

To be completely honest, 2017 was fraudulent as hell. A lot of things that appeared to be real, proved to be the contrary. This year has come with a lot of mental and emotional trauma for all of us really ⎯ black people, women, and a nation. Nevertheless, we made it through, stronger than ever. Here’s what 2017 taught me.

  1. Mental health is very important. You’re not truly healthy if you don’t feed your mental and emotional needs.
  2. No one needs therapy. It’s put in place to help you grow, sort through issues, and understand situations/emotions in a judgment-free zone. Again, feed your mental health.
  3. Be wary of people who can’t accept the concept of accountability, they’ll blame you for everything.
  4. Boundaries are necessary for every relationship. People get comfortable, but you have to remember you are in control of your destiny.
  5. Growth doesn’t stop. As long as you’re alive you are growing. If you’re not, then something may be wrong.
  6. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing. It exposes something new about you.
  7. Our fears of failing, losing, and hurting hold us back.
  8. Losses come in three’s.
  9. People criticize what they don’t understand. The naysayers aren’t right, they’re unaware.
  10. Social media is some people’s reality… unfortunately.
  11. We’re humans, not perfect.
  12. Authenticity and consistency are necessary.
  13. The black/brown community is truly a force. We need to stay unified.
  14. You must stand your ground! In the words of Solana’s grandmama,

    you black heffa, you stand your ground!

  15. Self-love is the first form of love you need. Without self-love, you can’t truly love someone else.
  16. Trust no one more than you trust yourself.
  17. Adversity inspires growth.
  18. People are toxic.
  19. Things can always be worse, so be grateful.

What did 2017 teach you?


  • Myisha

    This is beautifully written. I love and agree with them all!

  • D. Sanders

    Great post!! 2017 taught me that being silent helps no one! I learned to use my voice and be unapologetic about it!

  • Danielle

    2017 Taught me so much, more than I can say on just a comment alone lol. Mostly it taught me not to sell myself short and that I am worth more than what I accept. You’re lesson number 12 is actually on of the Key words for the new year!! Awesome lessons, I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for you!

  • Teeara

    I love this! I will be focusing on mental health that’s something a lot of us struggle with. Can’t wait to see your growth and accomplishments in 2018!

  • Dellea

    2017 definitely was a test in setting boundaries with people I love. You’re absolutely right about boundaries being necessary in every relationship. BTW, I like the list post. Very simple and to the point.

  • Pier Rogers

    I love love love number 14! As a black woman it is SO important that we stand tall on our foundation, because the world has so many definitions of who they think we should be. Really well articulated! ?

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