Best Practices For Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

If anyone knows how to put off wash day, it’s me. Seriously, don’t feel bad about skipping wash day once in a while or putting it off until you absolutely can’t anymore. Truth is life happens and you’re going to miss things, it’s not the end of the world. Keep that same energy for your hair.

To be honest, putting off wash day can be a blessing because you can discover so many other cute styles and just have fun with your hair. Before you get to styling, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • make sure your hair is hydrated
  • use the same products you originally used or use new products that won’t cause flakes
  • handle your hair with care
  • aim for protective styles that you can leave in so you’re not over-manipulating your hair
  • if your new hairstyle requires more manipulation, make sure your hair is detangled prior to styling
  • avoid using too many products, sometimes all you need is water

Now that we got some rules established here are a few styles that you can do in a few minutes.


Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

Two puffs is a classic go-to and a break from the standard puff. I like to add a curly bang or twisted band to add something to the style.


Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

A twisted half-up/half-down style. I think doing twist help disguise your hair but also allows your hair to be somewhat protected.


Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

If you’re looking for more of a protective style the twisted mohawk is ideal. It’s a style that will last you at least a week and is very low maintenance. You may not need to touch your hair until it’s time to wash it.


Styling An Old Twist/Braid Out

This is more of a mature take on the puff style. Not everyone is a fan of the two puffs (I’ve had people tell me it looks too young). This is a more mature take to it, but still fun. You can dress it up with accessories or keep it simple, either way, you won’t have to worry about your hair for a few days.

Check out how I did each style below: