Simple Body Care Routine For Soft, Smooth, and Protected Skin

Having a skincare routine for your face is very important, but so is having a routine for your body. The same issues we worry about with our face like uneven skin tone, acne, dead and dull skin, can happen with the rest of your body. I’ve always been into having soft and smooth skin, so I made sure to create a body care routine that promoted healthy, soft, and moisturizing skin without it making my routine longer. If you want to have soft and smooth skin check out my body routine below.


I’m still team shaver so that’s the first thing I get ready to in my body care routine. I like to remove unnecessary hair/texture from my skin, it makes the skin look and feels cleaner, softer, and smoother. When it comes to shaving, I’m not fancy at all. I either use a shaving cream or just regular degular soap, it depends on what I have at that time.

What I Shave With


When I shave I only use razors with 5 blades, nothing more and nothing less. The Vera Bradley Venus razor is my go-to. It has 5 blades, changeable cartridges, and a water-activated ribbon of moisture around the razor blades to help protect your skin from cuts.

How I shave

I ALWAYS exfoliate the areas I’m shaving before and after I shave to make sure my skin doesn’t feel too rough, bumpy, or prickly. I add my exfoliating soap or scrub and then shave downward (the direction the hair grows) and repeat until all the hair is gone. Once the hair is gone I exfoliate again and then move on to cleansing the body.

Cleansing/Exfoliating The Body

I cleanse and exfoliate my body at the same time because like I said before, I don’t want this routine to take any extra time. I want something simple enough so that you can just incorporate these tips and products.


To cleanse my skin I ONLY use exfoliating gloves. I’ve been using it for about three years and haven’t looked back since. Exfoliating gloves not only give you a deeper and better cleanse than washcloths, but it removes dead skin and promotes even smooth, and healthy skin. I also use an exfoliating bath wash (this is also what I use to exfoliate my skin when I shave). It’s gentle enough to use every day but tough enough to do what it needs to do. I can’t find the link to the exact pair I’m using now, but you can find it on Amazon, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, etc..

I also use two soaps to cleanse my skin. Both my soaps are dial but one is a body wash and the other is a bar of soap. I use the dial gold series antibacterial bar soap to clean my body and my lady parts because it protects against odor, softens and moisturizes the skin, and fight off bad bacteria.

The second soap is my exfoliating Dial Himalayan Salt body wash and I swear by it. The exfoliating wash has delicate exfoliating scrubbers that really does make your skin soft, smooth, and refreshed. And to top it all off it smells amazing.

Moisturizing The Body


When I moisturize my skin, I like to use either cocoa or shea butter, body oil, and sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen! It’s very important to protect your skin from the harsh UV of the sun, skin cancer, helps with even skin, and prevents your skin from aging. As a rule of thumb, you use a sunscreen with SPF that is 30 or higher for proper protection.

During the warmer weather, I like to use my Black Girl Sunscreen and mix it with my TGIN face and body argan serum because I want something lightweight but leaves my skin moisturized throughout the day. The Black girl sunscreen is infused with jojoba oil and avocado which make it a perfect 2-in-1 moisturizer and sunscreen. And the best part it doesn’t leave any purple or white residue, just glowing skin.

During the cooler weather, I like t use Palmers Cocoa Butter or Jergens Shea Butter lotion and mix it with the TGIN body serum to keep my skin moisturized in harsh colder weathers.

That’s it! It’s that simple. I don’t believe you have to have an extravagant routine but I do think you need the right products and steps to treat and protect all of your skin. I hope this was helpful and has inspired you to put the same effort into your body as you do your face because skincare doesn’t just mean the skin on your face.