What I Learned About Blogging In 2019

What I Learned About Blogging In 2019

My blog turned 2 years old this November. I didn’t do anything big, I simply took a look at my growth acknowledged and congratulated myself and kept working. Blogging is a tough job. It’s more than just writing and posting a few pics on the Gram. It more like self-discovery, expanding creativity, having confidence and belief in yourself and your dreams. It’s hard work and there are times when I’ve doubted myself and even thought of quitting. For most, blogging doesn’t give you instant gratification and results. It can often feel like you are putting in the work, but you aren’t getting the gain you deserve, I get it. Because I’ve been there and still am there, I want to share some of the biggest lessons I learned about blogging this year.

Remember, You’re A Student In An Everchanging Industry

I’m constantly looking for different ways to create relatable content and monitor what works and what doesn’t. The more I try and learn about is the more I can implement and test. I used to be hard on myself, like, damn this didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. That’s okay because I learned what I can do differently and how to improve, that’s a part of marketing.

Marketing is research, we see brands we know make mistakes on occasions and move forward to correct it and it’s the same with blogging. A lot of blogging is marketing and creating community, it changes every day and we have to allow ourselves the grace to learn and improve.

As Awkward As It May Be, You Just Have To Be Yourself

Put yourself out there and allow people to get to know you. Don’t limit yourself because it feels weird or you’re scared. If you limit yourself, you’re putting limits on what you are trying to build. Don’t get it twisted though, setting limits on yourself and creating boundaries aren’t the same thing. Creating boundaries is healthy and necessary, limiting yourself is not.

Consistency Is Key

I learned that consistency is key! Being consistent with my voice and content is very important, it’s my way of showing up for those you rock with me. It also allows me to be better at my craft, because the more you do it, the better you’ll get. This is also my hustle if I want to do this full time I can’t make excuses, I have to put in the work. I’ve seen a lot of growth with being consistent and sticking to my plan/schedule. Don’t get me wrong you can take a break, but understand you need a format too.

It’s simple: to get the results you have to do the work and KEEP doing the work.

Have A Support System, But Also Be SupportiveWhat I Learned About Blogging In 2019

As I said before, blogging has had me in a rut and pool of self-doubt. Having a supportive friend or family member is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in 2019 because they keep you going and they support your vision. I’m blessed with the fact that my best friend is a blogger too. She gets me and what I’m trying to do and supports me in every way possible and the same vice versa. I’m a true fan of Teeara’s work and her, overall. We shoot photos together, brainstorm ideas, support each other’s content, hold each other accountable when it comes to our goals, recommend new things, have a girls day or date night when one of us is feeling down, the list can literally go on forever. Having someone who truly loves and supports you, makes this journey special and easier because you’re never alone.

Shameless plug: Teeara has a dope article on how you can support creatives/friends for the free 99, read it HERE.

Accountability Is Key

What I Learned About Blogging In 2019


This piggybacks off my last lesson. If you can’t hold yourself accountable find someone who will. My best friend, Teeara, is also my accountability partner. We talk about our goals, set ways to achieve them and hold each other accountable. I’m not going to go too in-depth with this point because I have an article specifically about that. You can read it HERE.

Accountability I learned, helps with consistency. It is very helpful and also very important to have when it comes to anything you do, not just blogging.

Stay In Your Lane

Just do you, for you. I feel like whenever I do something that’s forced or not me, I never get good results from it. You see so many things on the Gram and Youtube and I get feeling like you need to do it to be on-trend, but you don’t. People connect to people and even though it may take a while, you just have to do you. The right community for you will find you and rock with you.

It’s Okay To Take a Break

I shared a quote on IG and it said, “if you don’t take a break, your body will make you take one”. Sis, that is a straight fact! Take a break whenever you need to. Blogging and creating is just a portion of my life. Aside from that, I’m a freelance writer, flight attendant, I’m also trying to get out of debt and look into getting a new spot. Life throws things at us that we may not be prepared for and it can be very overwhelming.

Breaks are necessary, so please don’t cheat yourself by not taking one. I also want to mention that taking mental breaks and stepping away is like a recharge for your brain and body. You come back ready to go with more energy and inspiration. So again, don’t feel guilty for taking breaks, especially if your a one-woman/man show.