Benefits Of Color Powder…Why I Don’t Get Gel Nails



It’s been nine months since I stopped getting gel polish and made the decision to switch to color dip powder—and I don’t regret it.

The nail industry is always evolving and like most things, with more knowledge comes newer trends. For as long as we can remember, gel and acrylic had the nail game on lock, but now color dip powder is the new girl on the block. This is not to say that you should never get gel polish again. I believe that how you decide to do your nails depends on your budget, style, and lifestyle. I say this because color dip powder can be more expensive and may not work for someone who likes to change up their nails often. It really just depends on your needs.

Basically, dip powder is a technique where the powder is applied to the nail with a solution and brushed onto the nail, then use a clear sealant on top, and lastly your nails dry under the UV lights. Now that we know what dip powder is, let’s get into the benefits!

Benefits Of Color Dip Powder

  • longer-lasting manicure and stays chip-free for up to a month
  • gets stronger each time you fill your nails because essentially adding more dip powder makes it more durable and less likely to chip (this was the selling point for me and why I decided to make the switch).
  • get a variety of colors (this is in no way limiting, if you find that there aren’t many options then it may be the salon’s selection).
  • It doesn’t take long to do. I had gel, SNS, and color powder manicures and they all take the same time.

Cons of Color Dip Powder

  • it can be a bit thicker than gel. The gel can look really thin, so although the color powder is thicker on the nail, it still looks good and not too thick.
  • it is harder to take off. It will require you to soak longer and you may even have to file it down first, otherwise, you’ll be soaking all day.
  • can be damaging if not removed correctly. In my opinion, unless you are doing your nails yourself, all of these options come with a damaging element to me.


Color  Powder vs. Gel

Like I said before, it’s a preference thing. One option isn’t healthier or better than the other. I think gel nails look the most natural, but I don’t think it lasts as long as powder.

Color Powder vs SNS

There is really not much of a difference. SNS refers to a specific brand whereas dip powder refers to the technique. However, my nail technician never actually dips my nails in the powder. He has his own technique that I absolutely love!


How My Nails Are Done

  1. nails are prepped and clean
  2. my nail tech mixes the color powder with the acrylic liquid
  3. lets it dry
  4. shapes my nails
  5. dries under UV lights
  6. and done!

It’s basically a mixture of methods, but the color on my nails is powder. I honestly love how strong it is, my nails don’t break easily and I only do my nails once a month.