What Does Living a Soft + Strong Life Mean To You?

This post was inspired by Black Girl in Om.

What does living a soft and strong life mean to you? What does it look like?

A good friend of mine recommended I write and submit this post to BGIO (Black Girl In Om). I was so inspired by this question that I figured, not only will I submit it, but I’d write it on here as well. When I first saw this question, I was literally stuck. I have never asked myself this. I’ve always analyzed what it meant to live a strong life, but never a soft one.

First, I looked up the definition of soft. Which means two things:

  1. easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch
  2. having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than a sharp definition

Second, I thought of any prior reference or association with the word. I remember hearing people say “you’re soft” as a way to call someone sensitive or emotional.

Lastly, I thought of how the word soft made me feel: comfortable, gentle, happy, and peaceful.

With all of that, this is what I came up with:

Living a Soft Life

First of all, I think there are layers to living a soft life. I think living a soft life means to be able to receive, whether that may a change in your environment, routine, or even your world. Having the ability to “mold” yourself into a better person, “mold” your mind to understand new information and experiences. Living a soft life allows you to release toxicity, but receive positivity, because you’re not set in stone, you’re developing.

Living a soft life also allows you to feel and be in tune with your emotions. I think there is always a bit of softness and vulnerability in the way we express ourselves. For example, when I think of creatives and I see/hear art, there’s a sense of vulnerability that is expressed that allows others to connect to that article, song, picture, or painting. When we open our hearts to love and express kindness, there’s a bit of softness.

Lastly, I think to live a soft life means to live a life you enjoy. Live a life that allows you to feel comfortable, happy and peaceful. When I even say the word soft, I smile because there isn’t a negative soft thing I can think of. In fact, the things I love the most are soft: hair, skin, cotton candy, my favorite cashmere robe, and my bed, lol.

Living a Strong Life

This too has layers. I think living a strong life means to be soft, even in the moments where it’s most difficult. I think living a strong life means to balance the two and understand both works simultaneously. Living a strong life allows you to be resilient and forceful while facing adversity with your best face, and although it may not have a result you expected, you’re still a champion for handling and getting through it.

I think to live a strong life you’re true to you and your journey. There will be people or things that will try to tear you down, feelings of unworthiness and doubt, times where you may even want to quit, but to stick to your purpose and “thug it out” is a true testament of strength, in my most humble opinion.

As I sit here and write, it almost feels like a note to self or reminder. So, I’m going to make a mental note to always revert back to this article and this question when I feel anything but soft or strong.


I do, however, really want to know your opinion on what a soft and strong life looks like to you. Feel free to join the conversation in the comments below.


  • Teeara

    Love it Krissy ! I love your way of thinking and turning things into a positive aspect.

  • Crystal Santoría

    I love that you redefine the terms. I think I’m a blend of both. It’s okay to be soft or soft spoken at times. Be who you are 100% of the time no matter what others say that you are.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Yes! I 100% agree.

  • Sarah

    I really love the topic and vulnerability of this post! I hate that soft is assumed to be a bad thing when in reality it can be part of what makes you strong.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

  • Brittany

    Loved your perspective on this. Definitely never thought of the idea of living a “soft” life and you definitely stressed the importance of being soft and strong at the same time.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Right, neither have I. This question and my experience really broadened my perspective. Thank you so much for reading.

  • Bina

    I love how redefined the word and made it much more than it gave.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      Thank you 🙂

  • Megan Nichole | LaziMILLENNIAL

    The visuals as I’m reading this post…amazing! This is one I’ll definitely be revisiting.

    • Krissy Lewis (author)

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Megan. 🙂

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