How I Create My Everyday Fro’ (Twist Out Method)

It took me a while to come up with exactly how I wanted my fro to look down to the method, volume, and shape. I’ve been natural for almost 4 years now and I’ve explored different techniques and watched a million YouTubers style their hair until I finally found a method that worked for me. So in this post, I’m going to break down in detail how I create my everyday fro’ using the twist out method and some need to know’s along the way.

Let’s do some housekeeping first…

  1. My hair texture is a mixture of 4b and 4c. I highly recommend you follow bloggers who have a similar hair texture to yours because what may work for one girl may not work for you.
  2. I’m not a stylist I’m just doing what I know based if of living in my hair and getting to know it. Take what you need and go be great.
  3. You have to be patient and gentle with your hair!
  4. Everything matters. Technique, products, method, how you dry your hair, it all matters.

Now let’s get into methods!

  1. I’m a twist out girl, that wash n’ go life isn’t for me. So my method of choice is two-strand twists or twist outs.
  2. I air dry my hair, but I also give myself time to allow it to completely dry! This is key! If you don’t allow your hair to fully dry, you’ve honestly just wasted your time.
  3. I usually start on freshly washed damp hair.
  4. I use the LCM method now, I’m not sure if that’s even a thing but it’s, leave-in conditioner, cream/custard, mousse.

Now let’s get into the actual steps of the twist out.

Step 1: Separate your hair into four big sections or more.Everyday-Fro-Twist-Out-Method

  • However many sections make twisting easier than do that. I usually do four and twist.
  • If you like a middle or side part, make sure you separate it with the part in mind.

Step 2: Add your products and detangle


  • I add my leave-in conditioner and finger detangle as I apply it. Then I add my cream or custard and finger detangle as I go through. Lastly, add my mousse.

Step 3: Twist


  • Then just twist your hair. I don’t get the twist super tight at the roots, I just make sure it’s properly moisturized and twist to the very end. I usually finger coil my ends.

Step 4: Add perm rods (optional)

  • This step is optional. I don’t always add perm rods at the end of my twist, it really depends on how I feel and if I want to sleep with it or not. Either way, you’ll have a bomb twist out.

Step 5: Let it dry


  • If you like to go under the dryer and save time, just make sure it’s not on high heat. I would also spray a heat protectant for extra protection.
  • As I said, I like to air dry so I just go about my day. One thing I’ve noticed about letting my hair air dry is that it takes much longer to dry when I put my scarf or bonnet on right away. So now, I don’t actually put it on until I’m ready for bed.

Now that your hair is dry…

Step 6: Remove perm rods and untwist

  • If I used perm rods, I’d remove all at once then I add oil to my hands and untwist. I don’t like to add a lot just enough to seal the moisture.
  • When you untwist follow the curls natural twist of it doesn’t naturally separate don’t force it. When I first started doing twist outs I didn’t really understand, so I hope this quick gif helps!


Step 7: Pic your hair (optional)

I don’t pic my hair anymore because my hair has a bit of natural volume so I just fluff and separate to get more volume. I also think that not flat twisting it and leaving my roots as is, gives it more volume.

And that’s it! I hope that this was helpful. If you try it, tag me on IG (@iamkrissylewis).